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Experts agree that you need an honest, reputable shop to take care of your vehicle's needs.  Just like your medical doctor takes care of you, a good mechanical doctor will get to know your car and keep you informed of little or potential problems before they become breakdowns or big repair bills!  Now that's the way to save some time and money!

If car repair scares or confuses you then you haven't found the right repair shop yet.  A good shop will listen to your concerns and explain what is wrong with your car in terms that you can understand.  How can anyone help you if they don't know what you want AND how can you make an informed decision about your car if you don't understand what they are talking about?

"Kar Hospital really tries to understand a problem with the vehicles they work on so that it not only will be fixed properly in the least amount of time, but so you will also save money."  Laddie Machann, client since 1998

Most shops are honest and want to do a good job...they are just really bad at communicating.  First they don't listen to you, then they don't let you know what is going on with your car (and when they do call they talk to you like you're an idiot or they speak "mechanic talk") and then they don't finish your car when they promised...how disappointing...

At Kar Hospital we're not perfect but we sure try to be perfect.  You will receive honest, quality auto repair from professionals that listen to your concerns and needs.  You will be treated with respect and kindness and your car care needs will be explained in terms that you can understand (be that "mechanic talk" or normal people talk).  Vehicles are almost always finished when promised and you are called with a "progress report" before 2pm daily. 

Please take some time and check out the "Reviews and Awards" page to see what our clients have to say about our service, look at the "Is Kar Hospital the right shop for you?" page to find out if what you need is what we offer and don't miss the "Specials" and "Weekly Tips" pages!

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